Easter Bonnet Parade

To celebrate Easter we held an Easter Bonnet Parade in Years 1 and 2 today. We really enjoyed looking at the amazing bonnets and how much effort had been put into making them! Teachers had the difficult job of choosing a winner from each class who got a certificate.

We hope you enjoy looking at the bonnets as much as we did!

Chinese Papercutting

This half term, our Chinese cultural topic is traditional papercutting. We learned the basic folding techniques and cut out a beautiful picture of spring.


Today we started a new maths topic…..Fractions!

We were given Smarties to sort into groups according to their colour. Once sorted we were able to work out what fraction of the tube of Smarties were which colour.

Mr Holland even let us take the Smarties home to eat! Yummy!

Lines of symmetry

Last week in maths we have been learn all about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Here are some photos of us finding lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

World book day

On the 3rd March we celebrated world book day.

We all dressed up as our favourite characters read stories and shared our favourite stories!

Art – body sculptures

In art we had a go at making body sculptures. We worked in groups to make letters and then tried to spell some words.

Can you guess the letters and words that we made?


Last week we started our new maths topic… SHAPES!

We have looked at 2D and 3D shapes and on Thursday we had a go at drawing them on our tables! (Don’t worry, we put paper down first!)

Chinese New Year

1st February 2022 is Chinese New Year. We held a cultural workshop to experience different new year activity.

We made dumplings and tried our own dumplings, we wrote Chinese calligraphy and did traditioanl papercutting.

Computing 💻

Today we used Google slides to edit a presentation about the great fire of London. We had to personalise an existing slideshow by changing colours, editing the font and adding pictures.

We are getting much better at typing and solving problems independently

Science 🧪 🪵

Yesterday we went outside to explore what materials are used to make different things.

Just in our local area we saw several things made from different materials. Wood, plastic, metal, glass, stone and concrete to name but a few!

We then came back into the classroom and grouped items depending on what they are made from.